The primary goal of the Fellowships is to make a contribution to anthropological knowledge. However, basic ethnographic research has proven to be of material aid and help to indigenous peoples whose cultures and languages are threatened or disappearing. Thus, grantees are encouraged, where appropriate, to:

a) report to the people concerned relevant records made in the course of the study of their culture and history, so as to help them make use of valued aspects of these in the construction of their futures;

b) foster respect, where this has been eroded, for their culture and language and their preservation, including the development of local interest in collecting oral histories and traditions and the incorporation of these in the educational system;

c) collect data on the traditional patterns of land use and rights and make them available for the people;

d) facilitate the study of local medical practices and their incorporation into the modern health delivery systems;

e) report violations of human rights to pertinent human rights organizations.

It is expected and required that scientific publication will result from the research.

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