Nathan & Meredith Altshuler

G. N. Appell (Brandeis University)

Helen F. Appell (Pennsylvania)

L. W. R. Appell (Sabah Oral Literature Project)

Laura P. Appell-Warren (Firebird Foundation)

Louis J. Appell, III (California)

Appleby Foundation

Scott and Annie Appleby Charitable Trust

Jonathan C. M. Benthall (Royal Anthropological Institute)

Robert Blust (University of Hawaii)

Erika Bourguignon (Ohio State University)

Donald E. Brown (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Ann Pat Caplan (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Michael M. Cernea (World Bank)

Benjamin Colby (University of California)

Robert K. Dentan (State University of New York)

Amity A. Doolittle (Yale University)

Norman Dorsen (New York University Law School)

Richard Allen Drake (Michigan State University)

Brian Durrans (British Museum)

Charles Frantz (State University of New York at Buffalo)

Robert Gardner (Harvard University)

Rosemary Gianno (Keene State College)

Peter Goethals (Hawaii)

Joan Bamberger Goodheart (Wellesley College)

Felicitas D. Goodman (Denison University)

Stephen Gudeman (University of Minnesota)

Bess Hawes (Virginia)

Robert Hitchcock (University of Nebraska)

Steven G. Hoch (Pell Rudman)

W. W. Howells (Harvard University)

A. Thomas Kirsch (Cornell University)

Jane Lichtenstein, Trustee, Sutasoma Trust (England)

Robert A. Manners (Brandeis University)

Charity R. McNabb (Firebird Foundation)

Dr. and Mrs. J. Wallace McMeel (Maine)

Eugene Ogan (Hawaii)

Kazunori Oshima (University of Kyoto)

James L. Peacock III

Anton Ploeg (Nijmegen University)

Daniela Sieff (Real World Pictures)

Sutasoma Trust

Amanda P. A. Warren (Milton Academy)

Ethan R. A. Warren (Milton Academy)



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